Mark Silverberg

About the Author Mark Silverberg

A former member of the Canadian Justice Department and a past Director of the Canadian Jewish Congress (Western Office), Mark Silverberg is a foreign policy analyst for the Ariel Center for Policy Research (Israel), served as a Consultant to the Secretary General of the Jewish Agency in Jerusalem during the first intifada, and has lectured extensively on American foreign policy in the Islamic world. He is a member of Hadassah's National Academic Advisory Board and a Contributing Editor for Family Security Matters and Israel National News (Arutz Sheva). His articles have appeared in the NATIV Journal (Ariel Center for Policy Research); Hudson Institute; Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (Daily Alert); American Thinker; Accuracy in Media; Slate; Middle East Times; Midstream Magazine; Outpost Magazine; Israel Insider; Arutz Sheva (Israel National News); China Confidential; Intelligence Summit; Israel Unity Coalition; The American Center for Democracy; The Conservative Voice; Intellectual Conservative; Dallas Morning News; Baltimore Independent Media Center; Act for America;; FBI Academy Library Archive; EuropeNews; Homeland Security Today; Israpundit; Newsvine-Europe; The Layalina Review; Christian Action for Israel and Think-Israel. His publications have been archived at